Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What day are the weekly guild awards updated?
A. The weekly guild awards are updated on Tuesdays and are based on data from Mondays.
Q. How often do the leaderboards update?
A. The leaderboards are updated every night.
At the bottom of the leaderboards page it shows when the data was last updated.
Q. Why doesn't my guild show up on the leaderboard?
A. Our leaderboards are based on Mythic's Realm War, so if your guild doesn't show up on Realm War then it will not appear on our leaderboards. Check to see if your guild shows up on Realm War here. If your guild is new then it may take a few days to show up. Also, your guild must have at least six members.
Q. Why is my guild's data out of date?
A. Since we take our data from Mythic's Realm War, and Realm War is not always up to date, your guild data might be a little behind. Fortunately, Mythic has informed us they are fixing Realm War to make it update better, so soon all guilds should be completely up-to-date. They've already made fixes to Realm War by adding data for several servers that weren't tracked before (particularly the cloned servers).
Q. How can I contact the Warheap Team?
If you have any other questions, suggestions or feedback we would love to hear it.